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Re-object: Marccel Duchamp, Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, Gerhard Merz
by Sebastian Egenhofer John Gray, Herbert Molderings

This study of key moments in the history of ready-made and object-based art features Damien Hirst, Gerhard Merz, Jeff Koons and their shared historical point of reference, Marcel Duchamp. Recently a poll of 500 British critics called Duchamp's 1917 Fountain the most influential Modern artwork ever created. Even more recently, a man assaulted it with a hammer at the Centre Pompidou, confirming that, nearly a century later, emotions are still running high. Object-based art, which grew into a major 20th century trend and continues today, took its cue from the ready-made. "Re-Object" explores the continuation and transformation of both lines in contemporary artistic practice via large-format photographs and analytical essays on the artists.

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Victorian Painters: The Text (Dictionary of British Art)
by Christopher Wood

The first edition of "The Dictionary of Victorian Painters" was published in 1971 and contained details of 1,800 artists together with 250 illustrations. It became an accepted textbook on Victorian artists and was reprinted four times until a second, revised and much enlarged edition with 11,000 entries and 550 illustrations appeared in 1978. "The Dictionary" is now revised in two volumes, each complementary to one another yet entirely independent works, depending on the particular interest of the reader. This volume contains over 11,000 entries, which have been revised and updated where appropriate to reflect recent research, as well as much additional material. In many cases the entries are treated as short essays and contain details of exhibitions and gallery viewings of artists' works. Every attempt has been made to make this edition a comprehensive one by listing every artist recorded during the period 1837-1901, even those who only exhibited one work. Research has been carried out into all available printed sources as well as saleroom and dealers' catalogues.

Much of the information given is not to be found in any other works and "The Dictionary" is, therefore, an important source of reference for all with an interest in or who are concerned with art of the Victorian period.

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